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8 Unusual Habits of Highly Successful People

We make our habits and then our habits make us. How we spend our days is what distinguishes the billionaires from the millionaires from the average Joe/Joanne. The super successful elite have learnt the skills of time management and prioritisation, as well as the biggest success secret of all – a winning mindset. They practice, embrace

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3 Main Benefits of Daily Gratitude

Gratitude is an underrated hack for happiness. If I could retrace my steps back to when my life changed for the better, I am sure it would be the day I chose to be actively grateful at 5.40am (more on that later). Choosing gratitude is also a decision to improve your life. But like anything

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Don’t Procrastinate – Meditate!

At 5.45am in my morning meditation, sometimes I will take a pen to a page in my manifestation journal and ask a question that I need answering, or simply to receive any message that I need to hear. The reply which comes back to me is always intensely meaningful, profound, and sometimes plain shocking! My entry

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