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How To Know If You Have Actually Changed

It was a big day for me. I was driving 3 hours to hand over keys for the house we had just sold, in the week before we flew out to Italy for our wedding. I could taste the energy release on the tip of my tongue as this phase of our life ended and

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5 Ways You Know The Law Of Attraction Is Working

Waiting for what you want isn’t the funnest part of manifesting. As I always say about Divine timing, our manifestation will arrive at the best time for everyone involved and once we’re truly ready for it. Of course, it’s easy to see this moment with the gift of 20/20 hindsight – but sometimes it can feel

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What does Divine Timing mean for you?

Time can be a tricky thing and sometimes the waiting game can play on for far longer than we’d like it to. But if we’re feeling so desperate for something that we find ourselves hurrying it along, then we’re certainly NOT living in the embodiment of already having it. I realise that this is a

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