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3 Letter Word To Transform Your Manifesting

I’m going to take a stab in the dark… You probably finished The Secret with a head full of new ideas about what you were going to create, and watching or reading The Secret was your first foray into the world of manifesting. This is certainly how my journey started, and I’ve heard the same story

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Your Time Is Coming – Make 2019 Your Year!

There will be a day when you are thankful that you didn’t give up. There will be a day when you are proud of yourself for ignoring the calls from your fears and naysayers to quit and take the easy road, just because it’s been walked by others before you. There will be a day

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How To Attract Love Using Affirmations

Love is oxygen for the soul, so living without it makes us feel lost, restricted and lacking in purpose. At the core of it, we are all the embodiment of pure love. We just get lost along the way and collect judgements and negativity on our journey through life. But if we can find our

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