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How To Know If You Have Actually Changed

It was a big day for me. I was driving 3 hours to hand over keys for the house we had just sold, in the week before we flew out to Italy for our wedding. I could taste the energy release on the tip of my tongue as this phase of our life ended and

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How To Use A Pendulum For Accurate Fortune Telling

When we’re looking for guidance or confirmation about something that’s bothering us, using a pendulum can be a cheap and easy way to gain eerily accurate insight. A pendulum is a weight attached to a string – usually a crystal on a single length of chain, but some people use a necklace that they already

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Why The Law Of Attraction Needs Us To Work Too…

A blog topic didn’t come easily this morning. So, as my Angel Cards lay next to me after sending out some readings during my favourite time of day (coffee time), I gave them a quick shuffle… The card that came up was LAW OF ATTRACTION A title then popped straight into my head! Why the

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