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What does Divine Timing mean for you?

Time can be a tricky thing and sometimes the waiting game can play on for far longer than we’d like it to. But if we’re feeling so desperate for something that we find ourselves hurrying it along, then we’re certainly NOT living in the embodiment of already having it. I realise that this is a

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Thank You For The Struggle

The best of us comes out in the worst of times. When times are hard, they force us to work harder, think smarter and find alien new levels of resilience. When times are tough, we have the chance to get even tougher. Very often it’s easy to look back on something that felt “bad” and

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Are there Angels on Earth?

Every morning when I am grateful, I give thanks for my angels on Earth. You know the ones… they are your closest companions who you have a deep soul bond with, and you feel like you have already danced your way through many lifetimes together. I have been trying to strengthen my bond with the

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