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How 3 Minutes of Meditation Changed My Life

The “M word” is everywhere these days, but once you’ve tried it – you can see why. Having to steer these human minds towards our soul’s goals will inevitably mean that we fall prey to paralysing procrastination at some point. Because as I said in the 8 Secrets of Success video, our brain only wants to

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A Guide To Boundaries For Empaths & Sensitive People

Boundaries are the invisible rules that we write to define how much of our energy other people have access to. You’ll already be familiar with what it feels like when someone oversteps your boundaries. Whether it’s a mother-in-law who turns up unannounced, a child who sleeps in your bed more than you’d like, or a

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8 Ways To Stay Well In Winter

Unless you are lucky enough to live under the California sunshine, it is likely that you’ve felt the winter blues at some point… Even though we all know that true happiness comes from within, some of us are more sensitive to changes in our environment than others. A grey sky, dark mornings and freezing air

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