Become A Smash Hit By Being Spiritually Fit

I bleach my hair, I whiten my teeth, I enjoy cheese and wine, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have my nails done. I also consider myself Super Spiritual. Not only that, but spirituality has given me the confidence and unshakeable self-belief that anything I decide to achieve is possible!

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Don’t Procrastinate – Meditate!

At 5.45am in my morning meditation, sometimes I will take a pen to a page in my manifestation journal and ask a question that I need answering, or simply to receive any message that I need to hear. The reply which comes back to me is always intensely meaningful, profound, and sometimes plain shocking! My entry

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Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time.

What if the time is now? No really. I want you to think about this for a second… Notice what happens – did your brain tell you that it was a brilliant idea? Unlikely. Did your brain start to talk you out of it? Probably. It told you that there is too much for you

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The Power Of Your Network

Like most undergrad students, a lot of my days involved watching FRIENDS reruns with my roomies and wishing we were Jennifer Aniston. We indulged in our network as it provided a buffer, and spending time with my friends (observing a group of FRIENDS) protected me from the stress of my unfinished Econometrics calculations.